Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Some Ideas Are Stupid

Some ideas are more stupid than others. Flying upside down in front of angry men with a big gun is not a good idea. To do so during wartime is even less of a good idea. So when does an idea move from 'not a good idea' to a 'stupid idea'? Is there a defining moment or is it a continuum (irregular or incremental) that changes imperceptibly?

One thing is for certain. The ownership of stupid ideas is not necessarily a competitive buyers market even though it may seem like that. In times of stress and conflict you might find yourself the custodian of stupid ideas and you won't know what do with them. And the greatest irony is of course is that others will believe that they are all yours.

So strap yourself in and be prepared to fly upside down for as long as you can. The odds are not good but as long as you keep flying you still have a chance.

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