Friday, August 15, 2014

I can't sleep at night...

...I see the men all dressed in white. And they won't let my girlfriend talk to me... 

Do you have the same reoccurring dream? Doctors in white, beside your bed? Talking to you, but you can't answer back? You know something terrible, no horrible has happened. But you lie there trapped within yourself, unable to move, unable to respond. It appears to the world that you're not interested. You're accused of not wanting to speak. Minutes become days, become weeks, become months and still they are there the doctors in white.

Please! Are there other patients or dreams you can attend? Why won't they go away? Physically you feel splendid. You lie there and wait for them to go away. You wait. They stay.

If only they would let your girlfriend come in and talk to you then everything would be all right again.

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