Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mates and Fuselage Envy.

Have you ever looked at a mate's fuselage and wondered "why isn't it as battered as mine? Or when you have looked at it you've stopped and thought "My goodness that's a well maintained unit!"

Well Bob has.

And best of all it hasn't stopped him from being mates with Johnnie. As a real man, Bob hasn't resorted to gawking or staring. He has done what men have done well and have been doing for generations, he glanced.

"P for Peter looks almost as good as new...", Bob is not afraid to ask.
Johnnie is not ashamed to give a straight up answer, "...I was just born dead-lucky, that's all!"
It is a better world where there is mateship and no fuselage envy.

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