Friday, July 19, 2013

It Will All End in Tears

There are some situations that will no doubt only end in tears.You don't need to take a close look or understand the fundamental laws of understated tragedy to get the full impact of what happens next. Any lack of clairvoyance on the part of the  viewer will soon be made up in the subsequent panel. So a special knowledge of the future is not required to see that air power is well on its way to beating  sea power.

What a  pity about those magnificent funnels.


  1. Joe) What a beautiful rendering. A dip pen in the right hands is truly special.

  2. I've tried to bring the detail out of the scan by adjusting the contrast and saturation. I imagine the paper stock was never white to start off with but with a technology in this instance doesn't do any harm. You know making the whites whiter...
    The good stuff is all there and I'm happy I've been able to bring that detail forward.
    Those funnels stand out for more than one good reason.
    Thanks for the comment Joe - keep them coming.


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