Friday, December 7, 2012

Charley's War Part One

The good people at Egmont tell me that they have expanded their digital classic comics offering.CHARLEY'S WAR tells the story of Charley Bourne, an underage British soldier, during World War 1. It gives a uniquely frank account of the horrors of war, avoiding the usual heroics depicted in other war comics. CHARLEY'S WAR was originally published in BATTLE PICTURE WEEKLY. BATTLE was known for its hard-hitting, graphic storylines featuring the best of British derring-do with moving accounts of the two World Wars. CHARLEY'S WAR was written by Pat Mills, who also wrote ACTION, CRISIS and created 2000 AD, including work on JUDGE DREDD. Joe Colquhoun was a British comics artist best known for his work on CHARLEY'S WAR. He was also the first artist to draw ROY OF THE ROVERS. After CHARLEY'S WAR finished, Colquhoun drew for MASK until his death in 1987.

In this comic volume, Charley's War Part One, we see Charley Bourne being sacked from his job in London and deciding to join the war effort. He is a typical 'Tommy', neither overly intelligent or especially strong. Rushed to the Western Front, he soon finds himself in the thick of things. After proving himself with a daring attempt to rescue a Tommy runner, Charley is chosen to take part in a night raid on the German trenches. Will the Tommies return alive?


By the way Egmont Publishing were very nice to supply me with these images. Over the next couple of weeks I'll show you the other goodies they've sent me. More about Egmont can be found

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