Monday, August 13, 2012

Pocket War Comics in Spanish

Spanish Pocket War Comics! DESIERTO EN LLAMAS (Desert in Flames) was originally War Picture Library 93 Force of Arms. According to babelfish this should translate as "Fuerza de las armas". Possibly it just doesn't translate very well.

Clearly in reproducing this for the Spanish market the original War Picture Library was converted into something that was considered a 'standard size' for comic books.

I must review this one next - it looks like an absolute howler!

Many thanks to Carlos for putting me in the know.


  1. An update from Carlos informs me that Force of Arms was was reproduced in the argentinian comic book HORA CERO EXTRA No. 53 (Nov. 53) with a cover by Hugo Pratt.



  2. Very interesting. I' ve heard about Hugo Pratt and war comics, and now that you reminded it, I should take the clues and investigate...


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