Monday, October 10, 2011

War Picture Library Advertising - Stamps

The First Space Stamp! This is another reason to build that time machine. I had a very quick search of the internet and I could not match the picture of the First Space Stamp shown in this advertisement to anything I could find online. However during my search I did discover that if you have a stack of French Antarctica stamps lying around they could be worth something (not necessarily a lot but at least something). Also isn't it kind of wonderful how French Antartica 'that 'fantastic new country' can appear in the same sentence with the Red China Liberation Imperforate' and both only a few lines away from the Boy Scout Jamboree sheet.
On other matters...
So if there's a Lot P2 - does that mean that there's also a Lot P1 or is there a Lot P3 coming up?
Also look at the prices! There must have been a lot of profit margin in stamps for the folk from Denmark Hill.

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