Tuesday, April 23, 2013

War at Sea Picture Library 1 Devil's Cargo

It's what doesn't happen in Devil's Cargo that makes this a terrific story. The SS Westland is a creaking old tanker worthy for the scrap heap - however the urgencies of war means she is needed. The same can be said for her crew.

Once the characters are established the action follows very closely. It is in the action sequences where Devil's Cargo excels and it's what doesn't happen that makes this pocket war comic shine.

On the way to joining a convoy the Westland gets attacked by a seaplane that strafes and bombs the ship. The seaplane is shot at but it gets away! Once in convoy surface raider cruiser appears and attacks. The convoy's sole escort, an aged destroyer, sacrifices itself allowing the convoy to save itself by dispersing. The destroyer pays the ultimate price and the other ships and the Westland escape albeit a bit worse for wear. Oh by the way the surface raider isn't sunk! As the damaged Westland limps its way towards its destination it is attacked by a surfaced U-Boat. To the credit of the Westland's crew they manage to land a hit on the submarine disabling its deck gun - but not before they take a beating. What? The U-Boat isn't sunk? That plane should have been shot down! That cruiser should have been sunk! The surfaced U-Boat is not rammed? I don't understand!

This is quite a tight little story.

Even though the guy with the floppy fringe does a bang up job of showing leadership he doesn't turn out to be the hero. In a nice twist that honour goes to the shifty looking down and out spiv. This is another one of those interesting stories where you really don't get to see the bad guys. This is one of those stories that has it all - great story, great action and great pictures.

There's a lot of ink in Devil's Cargo. It is an absolute pleasure.

Looks like a great place to have holiday. Why would you want to go somewhere where people are shooting at you?

Quite a contemporary look you've got going there Bert.

Love all that shading in this story.

He don't look half shifty don't he?

This is a great panel!!

The sea is a dark and mysterious place.

Ah! That's why he voluntered!! Who would have known?

A well placed AAAGH! from the Hun in the barge as well as an almost unheard of "look out!" from one of his comrades.
It should have been the guy with the floppy fringe up there. 

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  1. Remember this story from when I was about 14, excellent in all respects


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