Thursday, April 7, 2011

Air Ace Picture Library 267 Fatal Flight

 This is a big story, with big planes, big action, big talk, big egos, big mistakes and a big apology. It also follows with all that "big" flying around that this story must include Americans. Of course Americans can only appear in a pocket war story if they appear under the steadying hand of a Brit.

The story is pretty straight forward - a perfectionist and expert British night fighter pilot is transferred to train a squadron of scruffy yet enthusiastic Americans in night fighting techniques. And of course the two sides even though they are on the same side don't get on from the very beginning.

There's a bit of depth to the writing as the Brit even does something impulsive which leads to a disaster - which in turn leads to his American crew hating him even more - which of course gives the author the platform to launch the redemption and team building sequence to finalise the story.

Even though it is a good story it can't get away from the usual use of stereotypes. This time it's the Americans' turn as they are portrayed as being scruffy multicultural, poker playing, life and death betting and egalitarian. However in a total avoidance of stereotyping we never get to see the face of the enemy.

This is also a landmark story as it is the 1st British war picture library that I've come across that mentions German atrocities in Europe.

Finally any story that features a Northrop Black Widow is going to good by default.

Dornier go bang!

A poker game. They must be Americans.

That sounds like a great job to have in a bar.

Atrocities! Surely not in war comics!!

A flock of Black Widows.

"...such gallantry." No wonder they think he's a nonce.

A man sized plane!

Peggy about to go boom too.

Double Dynamite is about to get into a whole lot of trouble.

A full pager.

And another full pager!

I believe that is meant to be a compliment.

Yet another full pager. This is a big story!

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