Sunday, May 23, 2010

War Picture Library 361 The Full Treatment

What more Americans!? It's rare for a British war comic to cough up a story about Yanks - but here is another one - and a good one too.

A story of two guys and guess what? One of them doesn't make it!

At the very start of  The Full Treatment your mind races ahead to figure out how the writer is going to pull the story together.

Lowery and Suchak are both big fisted, fit  and can fight but they are, of course, from different worlds. One is a drifter who is always looking for the next challenge and lives for hard work. The other is football star and college man from a wealthy family and a life of privilege.

Naturally they come into conflict and then part ways. You know from the very beginning that they are going to come back together, endure more conflict and then come to a reconciliation through some heroic action.

Lowery (the rich one) also has an internal conflict as he is determined to make it though life on his own and is continually frustrated by the long reach of his father's influence and expectations. Suchak creates his own destiny, is his own man and this is the source of conflict between the two.

A good read with one small Aaaghh and an absolute bonus when only one of the two main characters remains at the end of the story.

The stance of the boss man is fantastic. But what is that guy doing up in that tree?

Them dirty yellow buzzards! I've never liked them!

You have to love Americans. Soon they'll be facing death and destruction but there's always time for a game of cards.

That's a nice tidy AAAAGH!

Hey I've got wood...

Look into my eyes look into my eyes. Not around the eyes...

You'll be laughing out of the other side of those Buddy Holly glasses fella when I get through with you...

It's gone all dark and moody. One of them's gonna get it...


  1. Is that Alfred Hitchcock in the second panel?

    Given the times, I'm surprised the artist showed restraint and didn't give the Japanese soldier some buck teeth.

  2. The lack of attention to detail when drawing the backgrounds is very disappointing. Not nearly enough soil shots.

    Also, not a moustache in sight.. how rare.

  3. A lone and somewhat voracious tash shall make an appearance in my next review.


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